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October 8, 2018

At Zwahlen & Marshall Family Dentistry, we utilize leading-edge technology and methods to transform less-than-perfect teeth into the radiant, harmonious smile you desire. Our cosmetic dentist 95350 skillfully combines the art and science of dentistry to enhance your smile. We offer an extensive menu of cosmetic services and personalize your treatment plan to achieve the aesthetic results you envision.
Your smile is one of your most valuable assets; it allows you to wordlessly communicate joy and positivity, and helps you make a great first impression on everyone you meet. If you feel self-conscious about any aspect of your smile, considering visiting our cosmetic dentist 95350 for a smile makeover consultation. During this visit, you have the opportunity to discus your aesthetic goals and explore all the treatment options available to improve the look of your smile. We’ll also provide a comprehensive examination to determine a course of care that’s right for you. If you’re concerned about stains or discoloration affecting the appearance of your smile, we may recommend our professional teeth whitening treatment, which can brighten your smile by up to several shades in just one visit. For teeth that are more deeply discolored, chipped, misaligned or too small, we can improve their appearance with porcelain veneers. Our veneers are essentially wafer-thin facings, which are customized and seamlessly bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth to improve their size, shape, color and overall appearance. We also provide the latest generations of tooth colored restorations, as well as dental bonding, which are conservative, cosmetically pleasing approaches for restoring the appearance and function of your teeth.

We can also straighten a misaligned smile with Invisalign® treatment, which utilizes virtually-invisible plastic aligners to incrementally move your teeth into their correct positions and offers an effective alternative in some cases to traditional metal braces.

You deserve to smile with the utmost confidence, and our cosmetic dentist 95350 is committed to making it possible. At Zwahlen & Marshall Family Dentistry, we can make the smile of your dreams a reality. To learn more about our cosmetic services or to schedule a smile makeover consultation, call today.

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